Succulent Perler Bead Pun Card

Succulent Perler Bead Pun Card

This super cute sweet succulent perler bead pun card is simple to make with perler beads and thoughtfully placed on a card you can gift to a loved one!

My kids and I have done tons of Perler Bead projects – most recently, lots and lots of PUNS! Who doesn’t love a really “good” pun? I know I do. Not to mention, I love cactus / succulents. Did you know this fun fact?

“All cacti are succulents, but not all succulents are cacti?”

It’s true!  I have used cactus to make handmade soap, and now my kids are making fun Perler Bead succulents/cacti and using them in our latest pun cards!

Here’s a list of our latest “pun” projects:

I love this succulent Perler Bead card because it makes a great gift to someone going through a rather rough time! Send it as any of the following:

    • love you
    • thinking of you
    • encouragement
    • miss you
    • Valentine

Succulent Perler Bead Project + Card

This Succulent Perler Bead combines just 3-4 colors and brings them together to create a cute pun that you can gift to a friend or loved one.

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First, gather your beads and count out each color required:

    • Light Brown: 26
    • Dark Brown: 4
    • Pink: 12
    • Green: 94

Get started by laying out all of your materials on a flat surface. I like to lay a clean terry towel down to prevent the beads from rolling around the table (and onto the floor!)

You’ll start the layout with bottom of the succulent, and then slowly work your way to the top (flowers). When the succulent is complete, get ready to iron your creation.

Lay your wax paper atop and gently press with a warm iron for 30-35 seconds.  Avoid over-pressing or you might melt the board!

Succulent Perler Bead Card

Everything SUCCS Without You
Perler Bead Card

In addition to those items you’ll also want to have:

This PDF/Card is handmade by me. You may not re-sell this PDF or re-distribute as your own.

Once you print the card, cut the paper in half with a paper cutter, and affix your succulent on top with a single adhesive dot.

Then place in a 5×7 adhesive sleeve. Tuck in a 5×7 envelope and mail with a single forever stamp.


You can buy the card & Perler Bead project already done and ready to mail to any recipient – with free shipping. 


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