Popcorn Perler Bead Pun Card

Popcorn Perler Bead Pun Card

Popcorn with melted butter is the best! Check out this popcorn Perler Bead love pun card  – make and gift it to a loved one!

Popcorn Perler Bead Card

Melted butter on a tub of popcorn is the best! Not just that… popcorn is even better when it’s turned into a super cute love pun that can be given to that special person in your life!

Love perler beads as much as we do? Puns have been our greatest creative projects – from sweet corn to cats, even donuts – you can see all of them by heading back here.

You can also give this card as a way to say:

    • love you
    • thinking of you
    • encouragement
    • miss you
    • Valentine

Popcorn Perler Bead Project

Easily make this popcorn Perler Bead project with several different colors that come together to create a cute love pun that you can gift to that special person in your life.

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First, you’ll want to gather the following color beads:

    • Yellow
    • Clear Yellow
    • White
    • Red
    • Black

Get started by laying out all of your materials on a flat surface. I like to lay a clean terry towel down to prevent the beads from rolling around the table.


Popcorn Perler Bead

Once you are done, iron your creation very gently (over-ironing will melt the beads too much!) Then place in a 5×7 adhesive sleeve. Tuck in a 5×7 envelope and mail with a single forever stamp.

Just Popping by to Say… no one’s Butter than You Card

In addition to those items you’ll also want to have:

This PDF/Card is handmade by me. You may not re-sell this PDF or re-distribute as your own.

Once you print the card, cut the paper in half with a paper cutter, and affix your Popcorn on top with a single adhesive dot.

Popcorn Perler Bead Pun Card


You can buy the Popcorn Perler Bead completed project and card, ready to mail, with free shipping.


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