Mushroom Perler Bead Card

Mushroom Perler Bead Card

This mushroom perler bead love pun card is simple to make with pearler beads and thoughtfully placed on a card you can gift to family or friends!

MUSHroom Perler Bead card

Perler beads are my favorite family activity.  When you’re stuck indoors with kids that range from toddler to teen, they are a great way to “hold” everyone together in an activity that’s wonderful for the brain.

Kids can learn color differentiation, practice their math and learn valuable skills in the area of patience.

My kids and I have done everything from rainbow perler bead projects to Valentine perler bead puns…  and so many more.

I LOVE puns and February is around the corner so love pun cards only seem right!  But wait… these cute LOVE puns can be given any time of the year. Why wait for the month of love??!

We’ve done so many love pun perler beads – here are just a few:

And now… we made a MUSH-room Perler Bead card!

Mushroom Perler Bead

This Mushroom Perler Bead combines just 2 colors and brings them together to create an adorable little tiny pair of mushrooms that serve as a love “pun”.

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First, gather your beads and count out each color required (numbers below are for the ‘pair’)

    • Red: 52
    • White: 18

I Have So MUSH-room in my Heart for You Card

In addition to those items you’ll also want to have:

Once you print the card, cut the paper in half with a paper cutter, and affix the pair of mushrooms on top with a few adhesive dots.

That’s it! If you are sending to family or friends, place the mushrooms on the card with a few adhesive dots. Then place in a 5×7 adhesive sleeve. Tuck in a 5×7 envelope and mail with a single forever stamp.

Don’t want to make one?

You can buy the card & Perler Bead project already done and ready to mail to any recipient – with free shipping. Check it out here!


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